Monday morning post-carnival blues for a few of us on the Carnival committee, as the cardboard cutting, wood fixing, truck storing, finger painting and child-herding comes to an end for another year.

Months of planning, weeks of creating, but only hours to build – as we were up against the great british weather putting the float together.

The carnival committee came together and the plan went from paper to reality!

The float safely headed to be filled with the final touch – excited children…

The usual trials and tribulations of whom will walk the parade, who will be on the float and whos shaking the buckets was quickly resolved, and the float was on the way to the civic for judging. In amongst some fantastic looking floats stood ours, with our children showing great pride, and our cheerleaders (and carnival committee members) ramping up the crowd around the float.

As the rain clouds built up and the judges did their thing – Nestled amongst the competition… Our float!

Covered in work provided by parents, children and committee members in their own time – a real triumph and group effort!

Judgement time.

2nd Place for us in the end – with the Brownies showing some serious ‘Girl Power’ to win 1st.

2025 We are coming for you…

I wonder what next years theme will be?

List of thanks;

  • 👏 Emma, Donna, Lucy, Cat, Evie, Mandy, Chelli, Sharon – 2024 WAFC Carnival Committee 🎖️
  • 👏 Lucy – Custom Junkie – Running Workshops and Spearheading Creativity! 🎨
  • 👏
  • 👏 C&W Commercials – Lending us truck & driver! 🚚
  • 👏 Matt Cross – Grovenet – Lending us his driveway and hosting our unruly carnival committee 😆
  • 👏 Key Clamp Store – Handrailing for the truck! 🦺
  • 👏 The Old Bush Wombourne – Allowing us to meet + load up on the morning 🍺
  • 👏 Jason & Mandy who raised £400 and ran our stall through the terrible weather! 🥳
  • 👏 Wombourne Carnival for putting on the event and their hard work 👏
  • All the parents, players, children, coaches, adult footballers and all the people that came along to support us on the day!

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