About Us

the Beginning

Wombourne Allstars was founded in 2020 by like minded volunteers who possessed a desire to launch a proper youth football club in Wombourne, for the good of the community, and the children within the local area.

A lack of a proper club meant that kids who wanted to play in football clubs at league level were signposted to teams outside of Wombourne, which was a shame for a village that once was very football focused!

So the hard work began.

Established in 2020 – Yes ‘that’ year.

The club’s vision started to come to fruition. Driven by a passion for football and a necessity to help the local area, friends were called, people chipped in, and despite the pandemic sending the world crazy, things started to REALLY get going.


As the club grew and exceeded what was expected, a committee was formed, building the foundations of a club that started from nothing.

Standards were set such as; respecting the rights, dignity and worth of each person, treating each equally in the context of sport and placing the well-being and safety of each player above all other considerations, including performance.

meet our committee


Our story is still missing several chapters, as we move forwards. We have lots of exciting things in the pipeline, and we want to achieve the very best for all of our players, coaches, staff AND the wider community. If you think you can volunteer, we would love to hear from you.

We will be trialling new initiatives from time to time and all of our announcements will be available on social media, newsletter and our news pages online.