Smaller, younger teams require less space, but as our current teams grow older, and we invest our time into diversifying the club with equal opportunities in girls & women’s football as well as initiatives like walking football and social veterans, the requirement and pressure to provide facilities has increased hugely also.

At our current rate, it is expected that we will exhaust all current available playing space in the local areas within the next year. Agreements with schools and privately rented pitches can change at any time, which puts our teams at risk of having nowhere to play.

In order to sustainably grow our club, we are looking for land in or around Wombourne where we can reach an agreement to build a home ground for Wombourne Allstars FC.

Potential options include;

  • Agreement to purchase land outright (with grants/funding available)
  • Agreement for a long lease on suitable land
  • ‘Gifting’ of unused / unwanted land under agreement of usage for recreation
  • Provision for our requirements in development under the ‘Local Plan’
  • Collaboration with local companies / individuals looking to invest in facilities and share revenue.

We have put together a presentation that details our requirements, and discusses these in detail.

Please take time to read these documents and share them with anyone that may be able to help!