Grassroots football is a crucial part of the sport in the UK, and it provides an opportunity for children and adults to learn the basics of the game and develop their skills. However, in order to do this effectively, players need access to well-maintained pitches and changing rooms. Unfortunately, in Wombourne, there is currently a shortage of such facilities for a growing football club.

One of the main issues facing grassroots football in Wombourne is the lack of available space for pitches. With limited space, our ability to grow whilst still providing a quality service to the community is being hampered. Apart from the stunning 3G Pitch that we have use of at the leisure centre, many of the existing facilities are outdated and in need of repair, which can make it difficult for coaches and players to prepare properly for matches and training sessions. This can have a negative impact on morale and can even lead to players dropping out of the sport altogether.

To address these issues, there is a need for more investment in grassroots football facilities in Wombourne. We have so far worked hand in hand with Wombourne parish council and have cemented a relationship which we believe is beneficial to the parish as a whole, improving what we do already have, but – we do need more help.

We are desperately looking for a plot of suitable land in and/or around the local area that would allow us to have our own true home, much the same as the well integrated Cricket Club that forms part of Wombourne Village. Whether this would be an extended lease or outright purchase, or contractual agreement with the party involved.

The hope is that if we can provide high-quality facilities for grassroots football, we can help to ensure that children and adults alike in the local area have access to the sport and can develop their skills in a safe and supportive environment.

We have done, and will continue to fight to improve the club for our children, and believe that in turn future generations will benefit from a community led football club that maintains strong values, helping children stay active, healthy, and safe.

We ask for your support in our endeavours moving forwards to try to achieve this goal. It may take years, we might make headway sooner, but rest assured we are always moving forwards.

If you have any ideas/suggestions relating to any of the above, we would love to hear them.

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